Landscape Design

Landscape Design

18 Hours (8 weeks) - $115 plus registration fee - Class Closed for Spring 2017

Examine the nature of visual experience, and get a sound useful introduction to the primary properties of visual elements.  Learn to design attractive, comfortable and functional outdoor areas that increase curb appeal, and add years of beauty, enjoyment, and real value to your home.   We will study the basic principles of design and their direct application to landscaping:  planting beds (foundation, perimeter and privacy plantings); gardens (herbs and vegetables); "hardscaping" (walls, walkways, patios); plant materials (trees, shrubs, ground covers, and perennials).  Participants have the opportunity to produce a landscape design for a residential property of their choice. Materials: pencil, notebook, site photos.  

Additional materials for subsequent classes:  ruler, compass, protractor, square, French Curve.  Site plan of the property with boundaries and footprint of the house is extremely helpful.

Mondays 6:45-9:00PM

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