Culinary Arts

Carolyn's Farm Kitchen Courses

Voted One of Ten Best Cooking Classes in Massachusetts

One Evening - $65 Spring 2018 - See Schedule Below

Monday's 6-9 pm    $65 Call Carolyn at 978-994-1692 to Register by phone

April 23rd - Culinary Skills Series (Knife skills, sauces & seasoning)

We'll hone our culinary skills in this hands-on cooking class, covering everything from knife skills & cooking methods, to sauce making and seasoning as we prepare delicious pasta dishes to savor at the end of the evening.  Our recipes will include Lemon-Basil Chicken Piccata, Roasted Eggplant Arriabbata, and Spring Vegetable Carbonara!  Plus, participants will get to contribute to our menu..... sharing in advance some common kitchen mistakes they experience at home for us to address in class!  Class includes chef instruction, printed recipes, and a full dinner at the end of the evening.

May 21st - Culinary Skills Series (Troubleshooting.....fixing common kitchen mistakes)

Classes are for one evening only.  All Classes are 6:00 until 9 PM at Whittier's Poet's Inn Restaurant and Kitchen

Visit Carolyn's Farm Kitchen Web Page for future dates or Call Carolyn at 978-994-1692 to Register by phone


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